Band History

The Uneven was formed in 2017, after Andrew Hooker spent 2 years auditioning and jamming with various musicians. Hooker met drummer Simona Bressi from a Facebook Nashville gig finder group. Hooker then recruited bassist Michael Meadows and guitarist Mike Roberts, who were both musicians that Hooker knew from years past working in the Nashville music scene. Over the course of 2017, Hooker presented guitar and vocal demos to the group. There was a collective vision to first craft and create great songs, record, and then start playing live. Hooker’s original vision was to form a rock band that drew influences from hard rock and blues rock of the 60s and 70s, but as the band developed, the sound grew heavier and began to draw more influences from 70s proto-metal, 90s grunge, stoner rock and sludge metal influences from the early 2000s.   

Mike Roberts

In 2018, The Uneven hired mix engineer and producer, Patrick Thrasher (Metallica, Rush, Stone Sour), to record and mix the band’s first album. Various recording sessions took place from 2018-2019. Halfway through the recording process, Mike Roberts left the band due to the project progressing too slowly. The Uneven completed the recording and mixing process by the end of 2019, and by the end of the year, drummer Simona Bressi decided to relocate to San Diego, CA in pursuit of new opportunities.

The Uneven was now left with a debut album and only 2 band members. As 2020 rolled in, Hooker and Meadows began to recruit new musicians for an updated line-up, and then the world was struck by a global pandemic. Covid. Throughout 2020-2022, The Uneven released 3 singles, all which received critical acclaim, and built an online fan base through social media.

Michael Meadows

Simona Bressi

In February 2022, Hooker recruited his cousin Robert Allen Parker of Memphis, TN for the role as 2nd guitarist, while Meadows invited drummer friend Sam Eisenberg over for an impromptu jam session and live video shoot. The live performances were released exclusively on YouTube and CD. Meadows announced his departure in June of 2022, and moved his family to Idaho. Meadows is now working in the music ministry. The Uneven made its live debut on March 14, 2023, at The Basement in Nashville, TN, performing at the venue's weekly showcase, “New Faces.” The new line-up featured Andrew Hooker (guitar/vocals), Robert Allen Parker (guitar), Justin Tyler Smith (bass guitar) and Chris Potocik (drums). A few weeks later, the band was featured in its hometown publication, “Nashville Voyager” as an “Artist You Should Know.” 

Left to Right: Robert Allen Parker, Andrew Hooker, Justin Tyler Smith, Chris Potocik